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School Council

The school council consists of parent representatives, one staff member, our School Board Trustee and the Principal. School council acts as a liaison between parents, Board, community and the school. School Council is open to all parents with children attending our school. Meetings are held in the HET library usually on the second Tuesday of each month. In October, a general meeting is held to elect the executive, amend bylaws and select a method of governance. 

The focus of Helen E. Taylor’s School Council is to aid in defining the school’s mission, vision, and goals rather than on the day-to-day management of the school, or the professional practices of the principal and teachers. Its members should limit discussions to issues that relate to the school community as a whole and not deal with issues of a confidential or individual nature. In cases where parents/students have a conflict with a staff member, the School Council encourages the parent/student to seek to resolve the issue by following these sequential steps:

Discuss the matter privately with the staff member and seek to resolve the issue;
Discuss the matter privately with the principal;
The parent or the staff member can request a joint meeting with the principal to resolve the issue;
Discuss the matter privately with the superintendent;
Appeal the matter to the Board, and
Appeal to the Minister of Learning.