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KNIGHT time – Know it now? If not, get help today!

Purpose of KNIGHT Time:

KNIGHT time should be a time for students to deepen their understanding, broaden their learning opportunities, individualize their goals and benefit from meeting these goals. KNIGHT time for teachers is a time to meet with students in a more individualized setting to meet each student's needs and to extend or remediate classroom instruction.

The learning environments at HET expect students to use KNIGHT time for academic, fitness or structured extra-curricular goals.

At HET we are a school that schedules KNIGHT time for all of our students. 

As a student at HET, I can use my KNIGHT time to:

  1. Work on homework with classmates
  2. Work on group projects
  3. Complete various assessments
  4. Set up a meeting time with my teacher for extra help
  5. Quiet study or reading time
  6. Attend a scheduled class or session
  7. Go to an OPEN room to get help from another teacher
  8. Engage in physical activities (when the GYM has an assigned teacher)
  9. Engage in extra-curricular activities that might be scheduled
  10. Explore a topic that I am interested in

    Expectations of KNIGHT time: Students make a choice for KNIGHT time daily, that is, each day the choice could be different. Once a choice for the day is made, the movement within KNIGHT time should be kept to a minimum.