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As a Community of Learners at Helen E. Taylor School, we will provide personally challenging, high quality learning experiences for our students in a mutually supportive and respectful environment.


A Mutually Supportive and Respectful Community of Learners: We are a Community of Learners that include our students, parents, teachers, support staff, school council, outside community agencies and the community at large. Our school is a vibrant and enthusiastic environment that fosters collaboration. Everyone is empowered because of the tolerance and cooperation demonstrated in our school. Our Safe and Caring philosophy is evident in all we say and do. Community spirit and involvement play a key role in our school. We promote life long learning and work together toward common goals.

Personally Challenging Learning Experiences: We will challenge our students to achieve beyond their current ability levels. Our students will make meaningful connections to their learning. Students will engage in a variety of learning activities that address their diverse learning styles. Our students will be successful.

High Quality Learning Experiences: The high quality learning experiences we provide our students will use appropriate media, resources and physical environment. We will meet curricular objectives through learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for our students. We will address the needs of the whole child and involve them in meaningful and engaging activities. We will perpetuate a learning lifestyle in our students.


At Helen E. Taylor School, we will . . .
1) provide our students with educational experiences that meet their diverse needs by focusing on the strength of the whole child.
2) foster collaboration among teachers, students, parents, and the community.
3) ensure that children learn in a safe and secure environment.
4) identify essential academic outcomes, use common assessments to monitor student learning, and use the results to guide our practice.
5) demonstrate our commitment to on-going professional development to foster continuous improvement.